17 days to go until the Video Commerce Summit is here

We have been insanely busy at Liveclicker prepping for the 2012 Video Commerce Summit. In case you haven’t heard about this event (if you read this blog, then that’s unlikely), the Video Commerce Summit is the industry’s largest event dedicated to advancing video commerce and video marketing.   There are only a handful of slots left for the August 9/10 event in San Francisco and the show should again sell out – perhaps as soon as this week.  If you have not already registered, you can use a special discount code for VCC readers.  Type “VCCSAVE100” to save $100 off the registration.

Are you still on the fence when considering attending?  Here’s why you should register:


Three keynote speakers will share how their companies are leveraging video to grow revenues, connect with customers, and build world-class online experiences:

  • Zappos’ Laurie Williams (Sr. Manager Photo/Video)
  • Systemax’ Lonny Paul (VP Marketing & Strategic Initiatives)
  • Nutrisystem’s Christine Monaghan (VP E-commerce Product Management

Joining the keynotes in sharing panel presentations are representatives from brands like Patagonia, eBags, Canadian Tire, Crutchfield, REELSEO, Petco, Michael Stars, Altrec.com, Onlineshoes.com, Revzilla, R2C Group, Orabrush, and more.  We will cover a range of today’s most noteworthy video marketing topics.  Among them:

The Evolution of Video SEO
Many e-commerce sites and online marketers have heard that focusing on video SEO is a good thing.  More than ever, organizations are implementing strategies designed to display video thumbnails and text links in SERPs.  Far from an esoteric branch of general SEO strategy, a well-executed video SEO program can help you leapfrog competitors in search rankings while making it easier for your customers to find the content you use to sell your products, build your brand, or drive social experiences and community.  Still, video SEO remains largely misunderstood.  With the exception of a few well-known best practices, most search marketers don’t take the steps required to ensure their video SEO program is operating at peak performance.  This panel will explore what’s important to focus on overall, specific techniques used to optimize videos for search, and some of the more controversial issues in today’s video SEO world.

Remaking Retail: Is Video Transforming Retail into an Entertainment Industry?

As Amazon continues to grab share across more and more specialized verticals, specialty and mass merchants are increasingly developing video content strategies designed to not just inform and persuade shoppers, but also to entertain and educate them.  Learn from industry pioneers that are blending lifestyle content with retail brands in new and exciting ways.

Making the Most of Video Commerce Analytics
If you can’t measure it, how do you know it’s working?  Truth is – you can’t.  In an age where nearly everything can be measured, video also presents its own unique set of metrics challenges.  Attend this crash course to learn about what’s important to measure and why.  Live examples of analytics reports will be dissected and used to help marketers and merchandisers learn ways to optimize ongoing video creation and distribution efforts.

Planning your Content Strategy: How to Align Video Content with your Brand
Planning a video program can be a daunting, expensive, and complex task.  The organizations that succeed are those that focus on goals at the outset and then design a content strategy accordingly.  But how can you plan a viable content strategy when there are so many ways to apply video, and so few resources?  This expert panel will review the ins and outs of planning and executing a content strategy that sets you up for success.  Learn production tips from others who have kept resources in check while meeting brand guidelines, best practices for effectively rallying others around a long-term content plan, and how to change direction mid-course when needed without sacrificing the goals you initially set out with.

Video Distribution: Placing Your Video Where it Counts
A video locked away in a small corner of your website is a terrible waste of potential.  This panel will explore video distribution techniques and tips to help your videos reach a wider audience at the right time and place.  Examples of video distribution via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email will all be explored as this panel explores emerging video distribution techniques:

All-Stars of Interactive Video

Interactive video has the potential to transform passive viewing experiences into an exciting two-way media playground.  Yet while many marketers and merchandisers buy into the argument that creating more personal and transactional experiences with video is a good way to drive sales and connect with consumers, few implement effective strategies or ever get fully up to speed.  Attend this panel discussion to learn from a few industry innovators who pushed the envelope with interactive video.  Discover what worked, what didn’t, lessons learned along the way, and best practices for bringing interactive video online and to mobile devices.

Production 101: What You Need to Succeed
Childhood Hollywood dreams of directing the next blockbuster hit notwithstanding, most marketers, merchandisers, and technologists realize they are not “video people.”  At times, video production can seem almost alien: mastering the world of 5D Mark IIs, H.264 codecs, 5-point lighting setups, talent, Premiere Pro shortcut keys, and audio options can overwhelm even seasoned videophiles.  Of course, that’s just the technical side – never mind the creativity!  So how do you master the art of producing quality video content given the fact you’re no Steven Spielberg?  This panel discussion will help you understand what you need to know – no more – so that you walk away with a blueprint others have used to achieve success.

What’s Next?  Video Commerce Innovations from Liveclicker Labs
What exactly is required to claim leadership in the video commerce technology market?  Take a peek behind the curtain and preview some of the latest Liveclicker innovations that are helping the video commerce industry move forward:

– Production automation tools for iPad, iPhone, and laptops

– Live streaming video

– Social video for Facebook and UGC

– Workflow enhancements and automation

– Video commerce analytics


You will not find another venue on Earth that brings together as many A-Grade video marketers under a single roof.    Exchange tips and ideas with your peers from brands like Williams-Sonoma, FOX, Travelocity, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Benefit Cosmetics, Spanx, Toyota, Under Armour, Hot Topic, Walgreens, WAL-MART, Toyota, Petco, Patagonia, REI, Brookstone, Cruiser Customizing, RevZilla, Zappos, Benchmark Brands, Country Home Products, Eastern Mountain Sports, Fujitsu, HauteLook, Leatherman,  Moen, Nutrisystem, Systemax, Tory Burch, West Marine, and many many more.
This year’s Video Commerce Summit has been greatly expanded to include even more opportunities for networking:
  • Closing reception at AT&T Park watching the San Francisco Giants take on the Colorado Rockies (3 hrs of networking)
  • Opening networking reception (2hrs)
  • Closing after-party at Momo’s Bar (3hrs)
  • Summit networking lunch & keynote presentation (1hr)
  • Two (2) breaks throughout the summit day to network (30mins)

We are expecting to sell out this year’s summit, on pace to be nearly 2X the size of last year’s show.  If you haven’t registered already, time’s running out.  Use code VCCSAVE100 to save off of registration cost at www.videocommercesummit.com.