2011 Video Email Marketing Guide

I confess.  There is no other topic in the online marketing world that both draws and repels me as much as “video email.”

Prior to joining the online video universe in 2008 with Liveclicker, I spent seven years in the email marketing industry, espousing best practices while working to advance the channel.  Yet as much as I was enamored with the business value of email, seven years in the industry was too much for me.  The pace of innovation made watching paint dry seem exciting by comparison.  The vast majority of market participants rioted against “best practices” on an ongoing basis without care.   Despite the incredible ROI of email, the channel was (and still is) routinely mocked by other, more ‘cerebral’ online marketing activities (e.g. SEO).

Yet here I am three years later, faced with trying to understand the implications of a marriage between video and email. Why? Because despite the headwinds facing email, it remains a top source of audience and revenue for all kinds of businesses. Mobile and social may get all the press, but email still brings home the bacon. And who wouldn’t want to combine the persuasive power of video with the reach and reliability of permission email? Exactly no one, that’s who!

As I compiled the 2011 Video Email Marketing Guide, forcing myself to divorce from the emotion I sometimes harbor toward video and email was not easy. Still, I’m hopeful readers will come to view the guide as an authoritative and objective source on the subject, even though it is a vendor authored whitepaper – so be forewarned.  I have done my very best to accurately reflect the state of the industry, its challenges and possibilities.  Here’s what went into this guide:

  • Industry research over a period of two years
  • Interviews with email marketers, creative teams, and online video professionals
  • Surveys given to the marketing public
  • Personally taking part in the launch of a video email technology product
  • Witnessing hundreds of video email campaigns first-hand

In the 2011 Video Email Marketing Guide, readers will find 36 pages filled to the brim with the following video email nuggets:

  • 12 tables and charts highlighting everything from mail client support to video email best practices
  • 9 full examples with best practices and frame-by-frame video breakdowns
  • 2 full case studies including performance results
  • 15 best practices quotes from video email industry leaders, analysts, and practitioners
  • 100+ video email stats & decision data points

Plus comprehensive video email content covering the following subject areas:

  • Evolution of video email
  • Impact of video in email
  • Static v. progressive message consumption
  • Universal best practices
  • Methods of including video in email
  • Deliverability implications
  • Video rendering in different mail clients
  • Subscriber experiences
  • Email client support for video
  • HTML5 video, animated .GIF/.PNG video, static image pros & cons
  • CertifiedVideo
  • Selecting a method for implementing video email
  • Video email automation platforms
  • How video email automation works

Until next time, enjoy the 2011 video email marketing guide (and, as always, please provide objections and criticism).

Happy Selling!