5 reasons why consumer video testimonials are great for e-commerce

I interviewed Justin Nassiri, founder and CEO of the user-generated video platform, VideoGenie, on the power of using consumers’ video testimonials to build better customer relationships.

Why should retail and e-commerce brands use consumer-generated video testimonials? Justin and I came up with 5 good reasons that can help make the case for you and the decision makers at your company:

5 reasons why consumer video testimonials are great for e-commerce

1.) Gets consumers’ attention quickly through an emotional connection

Research studies from web usability specialists have revealed that the average new website visitor spends 5-10 seconds on a website. “The money you invest to draw visitors to your site, through SEO, SEM, blog posting, or any other tactic, isn’t well spent unless you are sure you can win over your visitors within those ten seconds,” says Justin. That means you have to craft a competitive strategy for quickly establishing the credibility of your site and the character of your company in an emotionally compelling way.  This can be accomplished by placing a testimonial video right on your home page.

“It’s common knowledge that most brands thrive by establishing some kind of emotional connection with their customers, and the most powerful way for a brand to establish that emotional connection is to encourage customers to interact with their peers,” says Justin.

He explained that when consumers see a video testimonial placed on the home page of a brand’s website or social media page, they feel like they’re being greeted by someone they know and trust.

2.) Builds trust with consumers

Recent major business reports have shown a huge decline in customer loyalty with big brands.  In contrast, there has also been a huge increase in trust for social media sources coming from customer peers.

Consumers are more likely to trust brands that directly engage with them on social media sites, especially with online video. When someone can actually see and hear a person who has characteristics and consumer experiences similar to the viewer, they are more likely to believe that testimonial to be authentic and thus be more responsive and loyal.

Of course, a video by its very medium of communication is already a more trustworthy model than just text or even an accompanying photo.

3) Peers are more influential than brands

“If Yelp taught us anything, it is the power that individuals can have in persuading their peers,” says Justin. “That power is amplified with video testimonials, where would-be customers can actually see and hear the inside scoop from like-minded individuals. Even in our celebrity-obsessed culture, the best spokesperson for a new business might very well be, literally, the girl next door.”

As I reported earlier here at Video-Commerce.org, peer influence with the Millennial generation plays a greater role in purchase decisions than with any previous generation, and they are also more apt to engage with their peers via online video.

4) Lower production costs

Unlike a slick ad campaign, most consumer-generated videos are poorly lit, grainy and have that fun, next-door-neighbor vibe to them. The content, not the resolution, is what makes these videos noteworthy. Having your own consumers produce their own testimonials saves you from having to spend the time, money, staff, and other business resources around producing every video yourself.  It also frees you up for other marketing activities and strategy planning.

5) Helps build your social media fan base

Justin explained a proven social video marketing tactic is for brands to place consumer video testimonials right on their own Facebook page and other social media sites. “Testimonial videos placed on a brand’s Facebook page have proven to generate lots of word-of-mouth buzz through additional views and comments,” says Justin. By featuring your own customers and fans as the “stars” of your videos, they are more likely to increase their word-of-mouth marketing on your behalf, and become evangelists for your brand.

The verdict: consumer-generated video testimonials are smart for business!

Using consumer-generated video testimonials on your site and social media channels is an ideal strategy for brands looking to build better customer relationships while saving on content production costs.  You can empower your own customers to be your best marketers by integrating their testimonials into your site, social media channels, and into professional user-generated video platforms like VideoGenie.