A new dawn for video-commerce.org

dawnDear VCC readers,

For nearly four years, the blog at Video-Commerce.org has been dedicated to bringing you the latest video commerce best practices and industry developments.  We’ve hired bloggers and blogged ourselves to make sure that the content posted here remains fresh and up to date.   As some of you may know, this blog is funded entirely by my company, Liveclicker.   In addition to this blog, Liveclicker also runs a separate blog at VideoRetailer.org.  VideoRetailer.org is a video commerce blog, but it’s more centered on Liveclicker while this blog remained a general industry resource.  Recently, we’ve decided that it’s no longer worth the financial investment to continue paying bloggers to blog at this site and to keep content fresh on both blogs.  We have decided to combine VideoRetailer.org and Video-Commerce.org into a single blog.

What changes can you expect as a result of the blogs merging?  

You will continue to access the blog at Video-Commerce.org.  Content will be updated more frequently since postings that would have previously gone up only on VideoRetailer.org will now be posted here at Video-Commerce.org.  We will continue to blog about best practices and industry developments.  We will continue to have guest bloggers share their cases, ideas, and stories.  We will continue our commitment that began in early 2009 to have video-commerce.org be a premier destination for all things video commerce and video marketing.  These things will not change.

The biggest change you will see is that we will now use the blog at Video-Commerce.org to share Liveclicker-specific content in addition to industry best practices and cases.  We will announce our company webinars, presence at trade shows, product developments, and other Liveclicker-centric information.  We think you will find the information valuable and helpful as a complement to all of the best practices content.

I invite your comments, emails, and questions.  You can comment below or email me at justin [at] video [dash] commerce [dot] org or justin [at] liveclicker [dot] com.  Thank you readers and as always…

Happy Selling!

Justin Foster

Founder, Video-Commerce.org