Accountable Social Video: The Nutrisystem Story at the 2012 Video Commerce Summit

Christine Monaghan - NutrisystemI recently spoke with Christine Monaghan, VP E-Commerce Product Management at Nutrisystem, about how her company is fusing social to video to help members be accountable for their decisions and support others to make real life changes. Through its comprehensive weight loss program, Nutrisystem has been a leader in helping Americans get thin and healthy for over 40 years.

In this interview, Christy talks about how Nutrisystem is pioneering social video integration with its member communities and shares some details about her recent keynote at Liveclicker’s 2012 Video Commerce Summit, the largest event dedicated to advancing video commerce.


Amanda Dhalla: Please tell our readers a little about Nutrisystem. What is your company’s mission?

Christy Monaghan: At Nutrisystem, our corporate mission is to provide a weight loss program based on quality foods and a nutritionally balanced meal plan; individualized counseling is the core of our commitment that customers always have the privacy, support and knowledge needed to reach their goal weight.

The mission of our online community is to engage our members and support them in their journey towards lifelong health.

Amanda Dhalla: That’s great, Christy. Now let’s talk a little about how Nutrisystem is using video. What types of video are you using and where?

Christy Monaghan: We’ve been dabbling with video for awhile. Originally we used it to facilitate selling but decided more recently to start using it to engage our membership. And it’s been working for us that way to foster engagement.

We use lots of different types of professionally produced video including celebrity videos, celebrity chef videos, inspirational videos, recipe videos and exercise videos. Over 40 in all right now.

Celebrity video featuring Janet Jackson, Nutrisystem spokesperson:


Program participants can share their own Nutrisystem stories on video as well. We have about 10 customer-created, customer-submitted videos up on YouTube, with maybe 20 in total. It’s just starting to build.

Nutrisystem program participant speaking about the self-confidence she’s gained through losing weight:


Amanda Dhalla: How is social video helping Nutrisystem’s marketing and sales efforts?

Christy Monaghan: We use video to help people on their journey towards weight loss and weight maintenance. We started by showing success stories that we facilitated. Now video is coming directly from our membership. Our bloggers and members are generating their own content and submitting it to us because they want to help out the community, because weight loss is not something that you can easily do alone.

We don’t have stores so all of our member support, motivation and education is online. And video is a big part of that support network. Program participants think, “If she can do, then I can do it. What excuse do I have?” I personally have been inspired by many of our members who don’t just inspire through video but also on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Amanda Dhalla: How are you gauging success?

Christy Monaghan: That’s a tough one. We look at what those on our boards and blogs are saying and the type of comments. We measure the customer experience with a tool called ForeSee and the evidence suggests that video content is helpful to our membership.

Amanda Dhalla: Is video changing the behavior of your membership as well?

Christy Monaghan: We know that program participants stick to their plan longer when they engage with us online. And we see more engagement when members talk about how their weight loss journeys have changed them. Members really respond to the real life stories of other members. They reach out to them for help, and motivate and inspire others in turn.

Amanda Dhalla: Where do you distribute your videos?

Christy Monaghan: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and our own site. It’s important to us that customers can access our video content from wherever they are.

Amanda Dhalla:
What was your session at the 2012 Video Commerce Summit about?

Christy Monaghan: My session is called Accountable Social Video: The Nutrisystem Story.  In the session, I talked about how  it’s possible to marry social to video to help people be accountable for their decisions. Also I talked about how video can help support others to make real life changes. I also talked about how are using video to drive behavior change and sell a hard-to-display product.

Amanda Dhalla: What do think the main takeaways were for attendees?

Christy Monaghan: I think attendees discovered some new opportunities for fusing social and video and learned how to drive behavioral change through video. They also got a  firsthand account of how developing a better understanding of user behavior can drive lifetime customer success. If we give our members the tools that they need to be successful as people, we’re successful as a company.

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