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A new dawn for

Dear VCC readers, For nearly four years, the blog at has been dedicated to bringing you the latest video commerce best practices and industry developments.  … Read On »

17 days to go until the Video Commerce Summit is here

We have been insanely busy at Liveclicker prepping for the 2012 Video Commerce Summit. In case you haven’t heard about this event (if you read this blog, then that’s unlikely), the Video Commerce Summit is the industry’s largest event dedicated to advancing video commerce and video marketing.  … Read On »

A Multi-Channel Video Commerce Perspective from Linda Bustos

Linda Bustos I recently had the opportunity to interview Linda Bustos, Director of Research for enterprise e-commerce solutions provider, Elastic Path.  Linda is the author of the number #1 subscribed e-commerce blog, Get Elastic, and provides conversion optimization consulting to some of the web’s largest technology companies.  … Read On »

Hotmail first major webmail client to support video in email via HTML5

It appears at least one of my 2011 video commerce predictions may have come true.  Microsoft has released HTML5 video support in Hotmail.  Such a move, should it prove part of a broad-based rollout and not some kind of limited beta test (details on this are still sketchy), could dramatically alter the landscape for video in email almost overnight.… Read On »