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New look for

So much has changed in the 2 1/2 years since we kicked off the VCC blog.  Now, it’s our turn.  Based on the overwhelming feedback of our readers, we have updated the design and functionality of the blog to better serve our audience.  … Read On »

ROI of Video Commerce Platforms, Part 2

In Part 1 of the ROI of Video Commerce Platforms series, I outlined the evolution of online video publishing technology: from CDNs, to OVPs, and finally to VCPs (video commerce platforms).  … Read On »

ROI of Video Commerce Platforms, Part I

This is not another article about the ROI of online video in e-commerce.  Thank Goodness.  There are plenty of articles on that topic already.  The ROI of video in e-commerce has now been proven by so many companies and in so many case studies that I’m starting to find it a bit of a “snoozer” topic.  … Read On »

2011 Video Email Marketing Guide

I confess.  There is no other topic in the online marketing world that both draws and repels me as much as “video email.” Prior to joining the online video universe in 2008 with Liveclicker, I spent seven years in the email marketing industry, espousing best practices while working to advance the channel.  … Read On »

Top Ten Video Commerce Predictions for 2011

It’s that time of year, folks. Time to get the 2011 predictions rolling.  Last year, we resisted the temptation to roll out predictions for 2010, but for nostalgia’s sake you might want to read through our Top 10 List for 2009.… Read On »

Counterpoint: The value of interactive video shopping

Yesterday, Jamie Beckland wrote a post highlighting why e-commerce merchants need to think twice about interactive video shopping.  To me, the central point of the article was summed up with this statement: “Most e-commerce marketers have bigger fish to fry than getting someone to convert from a banner.” (I added the word “video” to the quote).… Read On »

VCC meetup at 2010 Annual Summit

Going to the Annual Summit? Meet up with the web’s leading video commerce luminaries from the VCC. Event info: When: Sept 28, 2010, 5:45PM Where: Gaylord Texan Resort (Dallas), Pool Bar & Grille Who: Intimate crowd of the web’s leading video commerce pioneers, “A” List Contact: justin [at] video [dash] commerce [dot] org or 253-988-3183 This will be a “chill” event not to miss – possibly your highlight of the entire experience.… Read On »