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Reflections on StreamingMedia West: Zappos

Last week I had the great fortune to moderate an all-star panel of video commerce pros at the StreamingMedia West conference in San Jose.  StreamingMedia is a show that draws online video innovators, technologists, and a large contingency from the media and advertising industries.  … Read On »

Creating E-Commerce Videos That Sell

The Video Commerce Consortium has just released a new whitepaper, “Creating E-Commerce Videos That Sell,” downloadable here. Included in the whitepaper: – Conceptual Framework for Creating Videos that Sell – Understanding Motivation, Simplicity, and Triggers – Producing E-Commerce Videos that Get Results – Conceptual Storyboarding Approaches – Benefits and Drawbacks of Various Video Production Methods in E-Commerce – Product Video ROI Calculator – Selecting the Right Video Production Equipment – Filming and Post-Production for E-Commerce Video – Common Video Production Questions Asked and Answered – Placing Videos on Product Detail Pages for Maximum Results – Product Detail Page Implementation Results – Results (10 examples – some are recycled from earlier papers) Let me know what you think as usual.… Read On »

Infinite Endcaps in Cyberspace

If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that online retailers and product manufacturers want to sell more stuff. So it stands to reason that retailers and manufacturers would do all they can to put video on their sites, right?… Read On »

Reality check: video commerce in September 2009

I just returned home last night from the Annual Summit where I spoke about how e-commerce retailers could make more money with video “in a week.”  One of the more powerful moments of the presentation was the opening.… Read On »

Are video .GIFs used in email marketing campaigns really video?

Last week, I co-presented a webinar on the State of Video Email Marketing in 2009 for my non-VCC gig with Liveclicker (see embed below).  Here’s the webinar in its entirety, in case you’d like to pull any charts/stats/graphs/takeaways: We spent a large portion of the time in the webinar discussing video .GIFs.… Read On »