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Best practices for interactive video commerce

Is interactive shoppable video becoming more prevalent? (And by interactive video I mean video containing clickable text overlays, interactive hotspots, buy buttons, product ratings and reviews, clickable descriptions of products or navigation to other videos in-video.) It’s looking that way.… Read On »

Next Generation Video Strategy at the 2012 Video Commerce Summit

Lonny Paul I recently spoke with Lonny Paul, VP Marketing & Strategic Initiatives of Systemax Technology Group North America, about his company’s video program. A Fortune 1000 company, Systemax is a leading retailer of personal computers, computer supplies and consumer electronics under such well-known brands as TigerDirect, CompUSA and Circuit City.… Read On »’s Video Strategy at the 2012 Video Commerce Summit

Laurie Williams, I recently spoke with Laurie Williams, Senior Manager of Photo & Video for Zappos, about her company’s comprehensive video program. As everyone probably knows, Zappos is the world’s largest online shoe retailer with the biggest video program of any e-commerce merchant.… Read On »

8 Best Practices for Boosting Video SEO

Search is evolving at such a rapid clip that it is even difficult for SEO experts to keep up with the pace. According to SEOMoz, Google changes its search algorithm up to 500 – 600 times each year.… Read On »

Winning customers over with video testimonials

You know a marketing tactic has come of age when it starts being used by political candidates. Last week, we saw the team of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney respond to the Democrats’ attack on his Bain record with a testimonial video.… Read On »

Using video to add oomph to frequently asked questions

Most e-commerce sites include a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page or section to help their website visitors make buying decisions. When FAQs are well organized, simple, skimmable and reflect the questions that visitors really do ask frequently, they can be enormously helpful to shoppers.… Read On »

How to create a winning web video series

One way to show personality, and create a closer bond with customers on your corporate website or blog is to create a web video series. By providing your audience with a regular schedule of video content, you can keep them coming back for more and maintain their interest over the long haul.… Read On »

7 reasons why video production values matter

toothpaste for With easy-to-use digital video cameras and editing software readily available, why do we still need video production companies? After all, they’re expensive, and if the footage is for the web it doesn’t need to be cinema quality.… Read On »

9 ways to repurpose your video content

Making the most of any marketing video you create is important. After all, you put significant time, energy and money into developing your video assets. Although your finished videos might be doing a good job for you in terms of driving traffic and boosting conversions on their own, shouldn’t you be getting a bit more mileage out of those costly assets?… Read On »