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Production Equipment – Go Pro For Free!

Production equipment is a difficult topic to cover given the diverse range of company needs, budgets, shooting locations, product offering, goals and internal expertise.  If you spend some time, you’ll find plenty of sites out there that discuss specific pieces of equipment, what you’ll need to get started, how important certain features are, and what you shouldn’t compromise on when purchasing this equipment.  … Read On »

Ups and Downs of Shooting on Location

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending three days shooting product videos and lifestyle segments outside of the studio. I’m a fan of shooting on location for a variety of reasons.  … Read On »

What you say in your video matters

I suppose that the title is about as obvious as saying water is wet but sometimes pointing out the obvious can get you to think a little differently to make some profitable changes.  … Read On »

5 Tips to Increase Your Production Value for Free

Today I  began my day no different than most others; I browsed through numerous news articles, blogs and trends related to online video.  I’m continuously excited to see how quickly online video is moving in so many different directions and benefiting people and businesses around the globe.  … Read On »