Holiday Video Marketing Tips: What Black Friday Can Teach Us

Despite this year’s record e-commerce consumer spending on Black Friday, creative online video ads and other video marketing content appear to have been widely underutilized. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to put together a list of what I’ve found to be the most notable Black Friday videos online, along with some holiday marketing tips on what retailers and e-commerce brands can do to utilize online video marketing for the rest of the holiday shopping season.

Big brands used humor in their online videos


Target appeared to have been the sole major retailer with custom video content around Black Friday, with many of their videos featured on its own YouTube channel. The individual clips were built off their popular television commercial which was an extension of their successful 2010 Black Friday campaign.

Other retailers simply repurposed their original Black Friday television ads for their own YouTube Channels, including:

Holiday Video Marketing Tip #1: Consider featuring a notable and humorous personality reflective of the consumer craziness associated with the holiday shopping season. Target seems to have nailed it rather well, and they committed themselves to doing an online video series, rather than just a “one-and-out” like the other big box retailers did.

Black Friday print ads transformed into videos

This person created a video channel on Vimeo dedicated entirely to 2011 Black Friday print ads using what appears to be a basic template solution incorporating graphics of Game Stop’s print ads.

Holiday Video Marketing Tip #2: Consider repurposing some of your traditional advertising into video pieces.

Black Friday “haul” videos


I’m particularly surprised that many retailers missed what I think would have been a good opportunity to sponsor some of the more popular YouTube channel creators’ own Black Friday retail haul videos. At the very least, they could have monitored where their brands were being mentioned in the videos, and ran sponsored Google overlay ads alongside them.

Some of the more interesting and popular Black Friday haul videos I saw came from YouTube channel owners DulceCandy87, missglamorazzi, and TheGridMonster. TheGridMonster featured actual footage of the video creator and personality going to a big retail store on its Black Friday opening.


Holiday Video Marketing Tip #3: Look into sponsoring video content by some of the more popular haul video personalities that match your target audience and market.  You can feature your brand content in the video as well as in a corresponding overlay ad.