Building Product Videos that Drive Immediate Success and Long-Term Loyalty

speakersLast month industry experts from, Eastern Mountain Sports,, and Video Aptitude joined together at 2013 Video Commerce Summit to advise attendees on how to best optimize their video production strategy to yield immediate results and long-term customer loyalty.  Below is a summary of the 3 main points outlined in this summit session:

  • Content
  • Connection
  • Community


Creating the right content for your audience and business is a crucial component to building a successful video program. Tom Santay, Video Production Specialist from, encouraged retailers to to ask the essential question: “What do the customers want and how can we create it?” conducted research and several tests to find out which type of video content resonates best with customers and yields the best results.  First, the retailer initially created this video displaying a product expert and his explanation of the latest Brooks trail shoe.


feedback then utilized Liveclicker’s video feedback tool to get the customer’s opinion of the of product video.  Feedback results generated several comments suggesting the shoe be displayed on an actual foot.   Using this feedback, created the more realistic portrayal of the Brooks trail shoe shown below.


This simple content change yielded the most positive customer feedback and the lowest production costs while generating the same amount of revenue as the other video option.


Video production is about being creative and telling a story to connect with your shoppers.  In order to achieve this, you must first identify customers.

Robert Moses, Photo/Videographer from Eastern Mountain Sports, stated,

Video is the median of this age.  It is the Egyptian hieroglyph, the town crier, and the newspaper.

In Robert’s presentation, he focused on producing videos that connect with outdoor enthusiasts and athletes from beginners to experts.  Instead of producing videos that follow traditional product advertising methods, Robert connected with his audience by creating videos like this one below.


2qrRobert also encouraged creating videos that connect with customers in every step of the purchase process.  For example, Eastern Mountain Sports supplies every tent with a video QR code on the inside label.  This QR code links to a clear and concise how-to video on the tent’s assembly.


cultureLastly, Robert Reed, Video Producer from, took the stage to express how to maximize customer loyalty by creating an online community.

People choose to shop online to avoid high-pressure salespeople, and enjoy the ease of shopping from home.  Unfortunately, this diminishes community interaction and makes customer loyalty difficult to achieve. has implemented different video techniques to strengthen their online community and overall customer loyalty:

  • Face2face

Face2face is a video consultation program that offers customers free expert design help through video interaction on Skype.

  • Service Videos creates videos for several of the services they provide as a company.  Take their SureFit guarantee video for example, it talks about the company’s no cost blind replacement guarantee for measurement mistakes.

  • Cultural Videos

Unexpected company culture videos spark a personal connection with customers by demonstrating the company’s humor and creativity.  For example, this lip dub from the employees at shown below.


Want more 2013 Video Commerce Summit coverage?  No problem.  Look out for my next post on how to use video analytics to generate revenue.

Can’t wait? Access all of the 2013 Video Commerce Summit session recordings through the Liveclicker resource center, or watch our on-demand webinar reviewing the top 10 takeaways from the summit.