Liveclicker helps measure performance with video analytics

At this year’s 2013 Video Commerce Summit, Liveclicker gathered some testimonial feedback from clients to discover just exactly what Liveclicker does for their video program. Top e-commerce retailers, such as, Eastern Mountain Sports, and, offered their opinion of Liveclicker and our multi-faceted video commerce solution.… Read On »

How to Use Video Analytics to Generate Revenue

This past July at the 2013 Video Commerce Summit, Liveclicker’s own Vice President of Sales, Simon Mutlu, and Director of Account Development, Ben Kopetti, shared their expert advice on how to utilize video analytics to generate better results. … Read On »

Building blocks of video commerce analytics

Video commerce analytics communicate the business impact of video to decision-makers.  As indicated in earlier posts, the cross-functional nature of online video in an e-commerce organization implies that stakeholders may be scattered throughout the business.… Read On »

The importance of online video analytics for video commerce

Video commerce is still in its infancy, yet online video is nothing new on the Internet.  Unfortunately, many of the metrics historically used for measuring online video do not provide much help to executives seeking a greater understanding of what drives success in a video commerce program. … Read On »