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Happy Holidays from Liveclicker!

In the midst of the busiest time of year, the Liveclicker team wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of our clients, partners, and friends in the e-commerce industry.… Read On »

Liveclicker helps measure performance with video analytics

At this year’s 2013 Video Commerce Summit, Liveclicker gathered some testimonial feedback from clients to discover just exactly what Liveclicker does for their video program. Top e-commerce retailers, such as, Eastern Mountain Sports, and, offered their opinion of Liveclicker and our multi-faceted video commerce solution.… Read On »

Tell Your Products to “Get a Life”

In this world of mass markets, mass communication, and information at the speed of light, your product is more than just a brand. The good ones develop such a powerful identity that in many ways they come to life.… Read On »

Innovations from Liveclicker

One major trend within the video commerce industry is change.  From the original wmp players to video hosting on mobile devices, the video commerce industry continues to change and innovation is necessary to stay relevant to retailers and consumers. … Read On »

“How-to” Videos, Done Right

“How-to” videos are a staple of any successful e-commerce video program.  They give brands an opportunity to assert their knowledge and communicate their expertise to consumers and internal employees. … Read On »

Building a Top-Notch YouTube Presence

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.  Knowing how to effectively utilize it can make or break your video program.  At this year’s 2013 Video Commerce Summit, e-commerce industry experts, Leslie Drake, Cisco Social Media Manager, Anthony Bucci, Rezilla Founder, and Abe Niederhauser, Orabrush Founder, shared their recommendations on how to build a top-notch YouTube presence. … Read On »

How to Use Video Analytics to Generate Revenue

This past July at the 2013 Video Commerce Summit, Liveclicker’s own Vice President of Sales, Simon Mutlu, and Director of Account Development, Ben Kopetti, shared their expert advice on how to utilize video analytics to generate better results. … Read On »