Online Video

Are You Ready For the Transmedia Revolution?

Part one of two-part series on transmedia and the changing landscape of media, including the changing role of online video. Transmedia has become one of the hottest buzzwords in the entertainment and advertising world, gradually reshaping the way we engage with stories of all kinds.… Read On »

What you say in your video matters

I suppose that the title is about as obvious as saying water is wet but sometimes pointing out the obvious can get you to think a little differently to make some profitable changes.  … Read On »

One Cord Cutter Effect: A Level Playing Field

First a bit of good news: Despite a spate of pre-wedding worry, the Internet didn’t collapse under the weight of Friday’s royal wedding. But the mega-ballyhooed nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton did draw an impressive online viewing audience, with live streams available from most of the major media organizations, Livestream, Hulu and many other sites.… Read On »

The Emergence of Social Video: Appointment Viewing Comes to the Web

An interesting thing has happened to live television in the past year or so. It’s become social. Using Twitter, and to a lesser degree, Facebook, traditional TV viewers have incorporated a “second screen” alongside their television sets, creating massive social events out of live TV specials such as the Oscars or Grammy Awards, the Super Bowl, popular weekly programs like American Idol, and even—in an odd DVR-era twist—commercials.… Read On »

ROI of Video Commerce Platforms, Part 2

In Part 1 of the ROI of Video Commerce Platforms series, I outlined the evolution of online video publishing technology: from CDNs, to OVPs, and finally to VCPs (video commerce platforms).  … Read On »