Social Commerce

Google+ Pages Video Opportunities for E-Commerce

I interviewed Google’s spokesperson Andrea Faville to learn more about the video features available on Google+ (Plus) Pages. Andrea shared examples of e-commerce and retail businesses across the web taking advantage of the newest video features and shared some tips for how you can do the same!… Read On »

The Psychology of Online Video, and 5 Social Video Commerce Tips

What is it about online video that influences our shopping habits? What’s behind how it affects our brains? Here are 5 explanations shared with me by behavior science experts about why online video triggers consumer purchases, and my own marketing tips for how e-commerce specialists can take advantage of each of them.… Read On »

Why Social Video Marketing May Eclipse Video SEO

I interviewed Mark Robertson –  video SEO expert, ReelSEO publisher and featured speaker at the 2011 Video Commerce Summit August 1st-2nd in San Francisco, who will be presenting on “Why Video Marketing has Evolved Beyond SEO.” Mark shared with me his belief that “social” has become the huge driving force not just for Video SEO, but for all video online.… Read On »

Social Video Optimization in eCommerce Today (and What To Look for in The Future!)

I’m going to be speaking at Mediabistro’s Social Media Optimization Conference (SMOC) on May 23-24 in San Francisco, and presenting on the subject of “social video optimization.” I thought it would make for a good opportunity to share here about the role of social video with eCommerce today, showcase how some successful companies are using video eCommerce to maximize performance and profits, and dole out some of my own tips for optimizing your social video program for the buying and selling of goods, services, and solutions over the Internet.… Read On »