Video Commerce

What is your Social ROI for Video Commerce?

In a transformed business environment where social activity is given it’s own currency and value, retailers and e-commerce businesses today are understanding better that properly measuring the performance of a video campaigns requires more than just the single ratio of money to deem if it has been successful return on its investment.… Read On »

Shoppable Video and the New Possible: 5 Examples

The use of shoppable videos, the technology that allows viewers to engage directly with contextually relevant product info during video play, is now rapidly expanding, with brands like Target, Roots, Ralph Lauren, EBags and many others rolling out campaigns using the innovative shopping tool.… Read On »

The Psychology of Online Video, and 5 Social Video Commerce Tips

What is it about online video that influences our shopping habits? What’s behind how it affects our brains? Here are 5 explanations shared with me by behavior science experts about why online video triggers consumer purchases, and my own marketing tips for how e-commerce specialists can take advantage of each of them.… Read On »

Are You Ready For the Transmedia Revolution?

Part one of two-part series on transmedia and the changing landscape of media, including the changing role of online video. Transmedia has become one of the hottest buzzwords in the entertainment and advertising world, gradually reshaping the way we engage with stories of all kinds.… Read On »