Video Commerce

Reality check: video commerce in September 2009

I just returned home last night from the Annual Summit where I spoke about how e-commerce retailers could make more money with video “in a week.”  One of the more powerful moments of the presentation was the opening.… Read On »

Are video .GIFs used in email marketing campaigns really video?

Last week, I co-presented a webinar on the State of Video Email Marketing in 2009 for my non-VCC gig with Liveclicker (see embed below).  Here’s the webinar in its entirety, in case you’d like to pull any charts/stats/graphs/takeaways: We spent a large portion of the time in the webinar discussing video .GIFs.… Read On »

What to expect when you hire a videographer

When I joined FansEdge in late 2007, I knew I had a steep learning curve ahead of me. Sure, I knew my way around video production and had plenty of experience, but the professional world was a spooky place full of cubicles, new lingo, and, *gulp* –  ties!… Read On »