Video Commerce

The intersection of online video and email marketing

Transcript: Hi, and welcome to VCC TV.  I’m Justin Foster, Founder of the Video Commerce Consortium.  Beginning today, we’ll begin producing regular installments of VCC TV as a way to share knowledge with the broader video commerce community. … Read On »

VCC releases new video commerce whitepaper

Today, the VCC released a new whitepaper highlighting the use of eCommerce video.  The whitepaper focuses on explaining the three disruptive forces behind the proliferation of online video and shares techniques e-commerce, branding, and technology professionals can use to exploit the disruptive forces in e-commerce. … Read On »

eMarketer releases groundbreaking report on video commerce

Jeffrey Grau, Sr. Analyst at eMarketer, published a groundbreaking report on the state of video in e-commerce yesterday.  In the press release for the report, we learn about an explosive growth of e-commerce video viewership relative to traffic changes year-over-year.  … Read On »

The 4 big breakthrough ideas behind video commerce

In an ongoing quest to learn more about video commerce, I spend a lot of time thinking about the ideas actually driving the industry forward.  Through countless interactions with e-commerce professionals, business people and folks outside the industry, I’ve finally come to the conclusion these are the central “breakthrough ideas” behind video commerce. … Read On »

More retail video examples

Yesterday’s post was extremely popular in terms of traffic, so I thought I’d share a few more examples of retailers using video since it appears folks are hungry for this information. … Read On »