Profiling eCommerce Video Shopping Experiences

We’re pleased to announce the launch of, a new blog dedicated to profiling the video shopping experiences of leading online retailers.  The blog launched without much fanfare on May 27, 2009.  As opposed to the Video Commerce Consortium blog here at, which is dedicated to video commerce thought leadership, inquiry, and video commerce best practices, or, which is concerned primarily with video commerce industry developments and insights, is concerned only with reviewing and critiquing how different online retailers are implementing video.  Already, three different online retailers have been profiled: JC Penney, B&H Photo/Video and Cabela’s.

It’s designed to be a “fair and balanced” kind of blog (and no, not in a FOX News sort of way) – meaning – we invite disagreement with any of our assessments of how retailers are implementing video commerce.  Additionally, it is designed to be a blog that invites criticism from different vantage points.  Therefore, if you have an opinion to share about how an online retailer is implementing video, email me at justin [at ] video [d a s h] commerce [d o t] org so we can talk about the possibility of you joining the site as a guest blogger from time-to-time.

Happy Selling!