Creating E-Commerce Videos That Sell

The Video Commerce Consortium has just released a new whitepaper, “Creating E-Commerce Videos That Sell,” downloadable here. Included in the whitepaper:

– Conceptual Framework for Creating Videos that Sell
– Understanding Motivation, Simplicity, and Triggers
– Producing E-Commerce Videos that Get Results
– Conceptual Storyboarding Approaches
– Benefits and Drawbacks of Various Video Production Methods in E-Commerce
– Product Video ROI Calculator
– Selecting the Right Video Production Equipment
– Filming and Post-Production for E-Commerce Video
– Common Video Production Questions Asked and Answered
– Placing Videos on Product Detail Pages for Maximum Results
– Product Detail Page Implementation Results
– Results (10 examples – some are recycled from earlier papers)

Let me know what you think as usual. No feedback is too harsh!

Happy Selling!