Creating Value with Social Video

speakersRetailers are in a constant battle for the attention of their consumers and continue to search for new ways to connect with them.  Now, more than ever, e-commerce retailers are taking advantage of social media outlets to ensure their brand message is being heard.  At this year’s 2013 Video Commerce Summit, Anthony Citrano, VP Communications & Marketing at EdgeCast Networks,  moderated as video experts, John Weaver, In-house Video Producer at Fanatics Inc., and Max Kaiser, Director at Hand Crank Films, discussed the social video insights and tips shared below.

Why use social video?

  • Built-in audience – Social video integrates into existing social media sites.  Retailers no longer have to find or create an audience.
  • Complex messages – Moving images, audio, and additional messages bring your brand promotion to the next level.
  • Production technology is easily accessible – Everything you need to create this content is in your pocket (cell phone).
  • Everyone else is doing it! – Social video progression shows no signs of slowing down.  More and more developers are creating apps to take advantage of video.

Social video opportunities

New opportunities with social video allow retailers to go beyond the boundaries of their websites and meet the customer or potential customer where they socialize. The top two social media outlets that have embraced video are Vine and Instagram.  More and more big brands are taking advantage of these social video opportunities every day. Although some retailers may be skeptical of promoting their billion dollar brand with a cell phone video, John Weaver stated:

This format is accepted by the consumer.  They are used to seeing content created on the cell phone and they accept the limitations of content created on this device.  As long as you play within the rules of social media you’re going to succeed.

ChartUsing this chart, John, explained the key differences between Vine and Instagram videos.  The greatest differentiator between the two is Vine’s looping mechanism.  Vine videos continue to loop until the audience member clicks away, reiterating the brand message over and over again.  Both techniques are being successfully utilized by top brands.  Take Burberry for example, they created both a Vine video and Instagram video for their latest Menswear show in London.  Both videos ooze Burberry’s signature chic, avant-garde style.  Most importantly, Burberry has managed to maintain their brand identity in both social video platforms.

Burberry Vine video:

Burberry Instagram video:


Social video production tips

Although there are technical challenges to shooting brand videos with a cell phone or tablet device, these social video production tips will ensure you create high quality social video content.

  • Make use of lights and audio

If you have access to proper video lighting and audio equipment, use it.  Proper lighting and audio equipment creates mood and captures the attention of your audience.

  • Use shooting rigs for your devices.

Mounting your device to a tripod is almost a necessity.  Tablet and cell phone rigs are now available to provide a secure, steady shot that give your videos a professional touch.

  • Promote your brand with water marks and transparencies.

Adding a transparency or watermark of your brand name to your social videos further emphasizes your brand identity.  Currently, video producers are experimenting with these types of transparencies since post production is not an option in social video.

Now that you know the value of social video, follow these tips and take advantage of social media outlets to spread brand awareness.

For more tips and advice on e-commerce video watch all of the 2013 Video Commerce Summit sessions on-demand and look out for my next post on the latest video production innovation from Liveclicker.