E-commerce Leaders Thrive Using Liveclicker

casestudy-iconToday, I wanted to share a brief collection of case studies that describe why some of the e-commerce industry’s top retailers are using Liveclicker.  Companies, such as Kiddicare, Costco, eBags, and Onlineshoes.com, are increasing conversion rates, video plays, and average order size with Liveclicker’s multi-faceted video commerce solution. I have outlined a couple of the main takeaways from each case study below:


  • 21% performance improvement on a per-video basiskidiicare
  • 20% increase in conversion rates on mobile video site
  • $200,000 annual estimated PPC cost savings through video SEO and interactive Facebook video


  • Increased the size of video program by 23 times using Liveclicker Video Exchangecostco
  • Observed a 10.5% increase in site conversion rates year over year for e-commerce products
  • Increased average order values by double digits for email campaigns featuring Liveclicker video


  • 50% ‐ 138% increase in site conversion rates
  • 65% year over year increase in email campaign performanceEBAGS
  • 750,000+ incremental video+SEO customer touches
  • 837% year over year increase in onsite video publishing
  • 2,858% year over year increase in overall video distribution


  • 45% higher conversion rates for product pages running Liveclicker
  • 359% increase in year over year video playsnlineshoes
  • 750,000 incremental customer touches through Liveclicker video SEO
  • Extended video beyond product pages and SEO to email and affiliate channels


To find out how the e-commerce retailers above achieved success with Liveclicker, read the individual case studies here.