E-commerce video production tips: produce video without breaking the bank

I saw this video interview on videoretailer.org tonight and thought it would be useful for readers of the VCC blog.  The interview not only brings to light some great tips and pointers re: video production in an e-commerce environment, but a recurring theme many online retailers are facing in this economy: the challenge of doing more with less.

If you work for an organization that falls into any of the following buckets…

1) The organization does not possess a rich inventory of existing video assets

2) The organization is unable to acquire video assets from its suppliers or customers

3) The brand does not demand high-end video production

…then this interview will affirm that it is absolutely possible to get started with self-producing e-commerce video without breaking the bank.

My general observation is that organizations already well-versed in the nuances of video production and those with some experience ‘under the belt’ tend to invest more in video production over time, incrementally increasing production quality.  Of course, these organizations are carefully measuring the correlation between video and product sales to fuel the ongoing business case.

Aside from a large chunk of the private label retailer segment and high end luxury retail market, I would argue most specialty retailers and mass merchants in today’s market aren’t yet at the point of making investment decisions in video based on incremental production quality improvements.  That’s why video interviews such as this are so validating to those of us concerned with the initial costs of self-production.

Happy Selling!