eTail East 2013: A few thoughts

simon_and_jennifer_liveclickerBack to California after a good trip to Philadelphia for eTail East 2013 – two things are sort of stuck in my mind from my conversations with retailers this week.

First, revenue attribution issues are coming to the e-commerce video industry. As consumers watch more and more video content before making their purchasing decision, how do we attribute revenue to each of the videos? Liveclicker uses a relatively straightforward model for this, but after talking to our friends at MediaMath I realize there might be other algorithms to explore.

Second, people’s reactions to our new Product Video app (MobileStudio) ranging from skepticism to sheer amazement. I am convinced that the iPad is the platform of the future for creating product videos. Its user interface is amazing, the photo/video capabilities are off the charts and it’s directly connected to the Liveclicker “cloud”. Not to mention the relatively low cost, which is going to make this technology accessible to more retailers.

To be continued!