Evolution of a Video Program: Phase 3 – Adding New Video Placements

phase 3This week, I am continuing my series coverage of the exclusive Liveclicker webinar, “The Evolution of a Video Program,” with phase 3 – adding new video placements. As I mentioned in my last blog post, the first important video element to consider is the type of video content you wish to produce. Once you know this information, you can determine where to begin adding your new video placements. Below, I have highlighted the best site locations to include additional video placements.

Home page video placement

buckleThe type of videos you want to use on your home page are brand specific – videos that highlight a company’s culture or videos that highlight a specific promotion or product release. As you can see in the screenshot, the Buckle launched their spring line with a large video placement at the top of their home page. This immediately grabs the customer’s attention and brings the Buckle’s brand to life in a unique way.

Additionally, companies like GNC have a video banner towards the bottom of their home page that features the latest commercial ads and buying guides for their top products.

Category or brand page video placement

Several types of videos work well on category and brand pages, especially the ones below:

  • How-to
  • 360 degree
  • Customer reviews
  • Brand
  • Product features

If you have video content specific to how to shop for a particular product line, it’s great to feature it on the category page to help shoppers narrow down their search. For example, SupplyHouse.com features a how-to video on their PEX tubing category page.

Be thoughtful and intentional with each of your video placements. Avoid putting video in as many places as possible, just because you have the content. Try to meet your customers’ expectations every time they click on a video with useful information. Applying these videos carefully on category and branding pages will push people through the sales funnel, and make the online shopping experience more efficient. Your video conversion and engagement rates will respond favorably to this approach.

 Informational page video placement

paddleAnother smart place to add video is on your informational pages like help articles or the FAQ section of your site. Take a look at this example from Eastern Mountain Sports. The video, “Types of Stand Up Paddle Boards,” is on their article page for how to choose a stand up paddle board. Upon first impression, you wouldn’t think that the video on this page would be a top performer (based on its location). In reality, the video on this specific page is the top played video of their entire program. This speaks volumes to a shopper’s appetite for video when doing product research.



Search listing page video placement

Lastly, consider putting all relevant product videos within your search listing pages. Take a look at this example from Bed Bath and Beyond. This approach allows shoppers to conveniently find useful videos in product search results, and creates a more efficient shopping experience.

These are just a few examples for you to consider. Your specific video placements will vary in accordance to what makes the most sense for your brand.

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