Home Depot’s Blinds.com Increases Video Engagement 99% and Bolsters Revenue 92% With Liveclicker VideoCommerce Solution

Liveclicker, Inc.
, a global innovator in delivering rich customer experiences across the web and email, today announced that Blinds.com has realized significant gains using Liveclicker’s VideoCommerce solution. Over a one-year period, Blinds.com achieved a 99% increase in video engagement, a 92% increase in revenue and a 68% increase in orders.

In 2006, Blinds.com started using online videos to address concerns consumers had about measuring and installation. Over time, the company found it increasingly difficult to update and change video content due to the growing complexity of the site. Manual changes were becoming extremely time consuming for its design staff.

In 2012, Blinds.com selected Liveclicker’s VideoCommerce solution as a dedicated platform for automated management of video content. In addition to enabling easy changes to videos, Liveclicker also allows Blinds.com to measure video effectiveness based on average viewing time.

“We went from spending days – or even weeks – entering hundreds of IDs for products one at a time, to uploading code for our videos in minutes. We tried other solutions on the market; some were good at content management, others at analytics, but none could do both as well as VideoCommerce,” said Robert Reed, video producer, Blinds.com. “No other company offers the flexibility of Liveclicker. The team really listens to our challenges and works with us to create a customized solution for our specific needs so that we can use video most effectively to drive sales.”

“As a leader in online window covering sales, Blinds.com understands the impact video can have to diminish fear around making complex purchases on the web,” said Justin Foster, co-founder and VP market development at Liveclicker. “Our VideoCommerce solution enables Blinds.com to make changes on the fly so that customers can have the most up-to-date information to educate them about the company’s products, and as a result, increase consumer engagement and loyalty.”

VideoCommerce has saved Blinds.com significant time and created greater efficiency for posting and updating videos. In addition, it has created a vehicle for tracking customer feedback to its videos. The company has also experienced a 70% increase in conversion rates from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014 by providing video content that was highly targeted to its consumers.

For further information about Liveclicker’s VideoCommerce solution, please visit: http://www.liveclicker.com/web/products/video-commerce-solution/. For further information on the Blinds.com case study, click here: http://www.liveclicker.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Blinds.com-Case-Study-1.pdf.