How Live Video Can Alleviate Marketing’s Biggest Problems

man-phone-computerWhen asked in a recent survey from Korn Ferry about what keeps them up at night, the Chief Marketing Officers polled found a common theme among their top concerns. Between staying in contact with their customers and keeping up to date on the latest technology trends, CMOs are struggling to keep an authentic connection with their audience.

The good news is that all of these issues can find a solution by incorporating live video into their marketing strategy. Below are the top 4 concerns found in the survey, and how live video can alleviate these pain points:

1) Creating Sustainable and Engaging Customer Relationships and Improving the Customer Experience (34%)

By far, the largest concern of CMO’s is creating an engaging customer experience. Savvy marketer’s who take full advantage of social media can somewhat address this issue, but social media messaging remains faceless and brand content can get lost in fast moving feeds.  By putting your brand’s top product experts and personalities on camera, you can empower the consumers who watch them to interact with your brand and ask questions directly in real-time.

2) Taking Advantage of Digital Trends in Social and Mobile (27%)

While new apps and trendy techniques come and go every week, there’s one thing that will never change – that customers appreciate a personalized shopping experience. Customers crave the knowledge they need about products to make a purchase decision. Now that the Internet provides a wealth of access for comparison shopping and product information, brands need to position themselves as experts in their industries and provide that expertise directly to customers.

3) Demonstrating Marketing’s ROI (26.5%)

Only half of marketers think that there is clear financial value to marketing activities in their business. While many marketing strategies use a shotgun approach of “promoting and forgetting” with no end point, live video platforms contain detailed analytics tools that have the ability to put a dollar sign to eCommerce activities. Each individual live event campaign can be tracked with engagement and conversion results quantified and attributed directly to brand outreach through live video interaction.

4) Aligning marketing with the overall business strategy (12.6%)

There can often be a disconnect between marketing, product development, and sales departments. While the benefits of using live video in a business strategy are most apparent with engaging consumers, live video can help business at every step of the way. Before launching products to the public with live eCommerce events, live interactive video can be used for internal product reviews, to communicate during sales meetings, and as a tool for training retailers on new products. Aligning marketing strategies to overall business goals starts with consistent, transparent communication – and using real time, interactive video makes the whole process seamlessly simple.