Innovations from Liveclicker


One major trend within the video commerce industry is change.  From the original wmp players to video hosting on mobile devices, the video commerce industry continues to change and innovation is necessary to stay relevant to retailers and consumers.  At this year’s 2013 Video Commerce Summit, Liveclicker’s VP Market Development, Justin Foster and Account Development Manager, Kenna Hilburn, shared their latest video production innovation.


According to Liveclicker research comparing shorter videos (<90 seconds) to longer videos across twelve retail industry verticals and 22,000+ product videos where revenue data was available, shoppers who watched short, simple product videos exhibited the following behaviors:

  • Converted into buyers 24.7% more often
  • Generated 14.1% more dollars for each video play
  • Purchased an item 15.1% more quickly after watching

With this information in mind, Liveclicker developed a video production solution that catered to the needs of retailers searching for just that; short, simple, and professional product videos.  MobileStudio, is a solution that enables rapid production, editing, and publishing of e-commerce product videos directly from iOS devices.  This iOS application is able to:

  • Assemble simple, high-quality product videos in minutes with easy-to-use templates
  • Quickly add transitions, music, and bumpers
  • Publish and distribute content instantly through the Liveclicker Video Commerce Solution

mobile studio

The Liveclicker Team demonstrated this innovative solution with a live demo during the summit session.  As you can see in this video, MobileStudio, can record, edit, and publish a video directly to the web in 5 minutes.

MobileStudio is available at no charge to all Liveclicker clients, so download the app today!

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