IR Focus 2014: Why YouTube is Not Enough

IRFocus2014Last week at the IR Focus conference in Orlando, I was able to talk to many of the retailers in attendance about their video programs. Over the 3 days, one question seemed to keep popping up: Why can’t we just use YouTube to host our product videos on our site?

Firstly, I want to say YouTube is great for driving traffic to your site. It’s the second largest search engine on the web, and retailers should be distributing their videos to YouTube to take advantage of the its SEO benefits.  When I say YouTube is not enough, I mean YouTube is not enough for hosting videos on your product pages.  Below are three reasons why:

1. You can’t control the player


The YouTube embedded player’s primary purpose is to get viewers back to YouTube.  It is YouTube branded, and takes shoppers away from product pages with links to ads, related videos, the YouTube logo, and the actual video title.  In some cases, competitor ads can pop up on your videos. This is not a player optimized for e-Commerce success.

2. No Automatic Distribution

If you are a retailer with hundreds of SKUs, manually embedding the YouTube player code into every product page with a video can be a huge waste of time and resources. VideoCommerce and VideoCommerce Essentials clients enjoy easy automatic distribution to their category and product pages with Liveclicker’s sophisticated product feed integration.

3.  No e-Commerce Metrics

metricsYouTube provides limited engagement metrics only like views, likes, and minutes watched.  E-Commerce sites need e-Commerce metrics like: conversion rate, revenue per video, and average order size per video. Retailers need actionable data to not only PROVE video works for them, but to grow and optimize their video programs for the best possible ROI.  

To learn about how easy it is to graduate from YouTube on your site and product pages, check out Liveclicker’s latest VideoCommerce Essentials webinars.