It’s Called “Video Commerce” for a Reason!

Video commerce is not a buzzword.  Video commerce is the act of selling online with video.  With an economy on the rocks and marketing budgets in many organizations taking a hit -it’s more important now than ever that each dollar of marketing spend be held accountable.  And while online video is relatively new to the online marketing party, it doesn’t deserve a free ride.

Hence, I’ve decided to blog a new 6-part series called: “Video Commerce: Don’t Forget the Commerce Part!”

This new blog series, beginning tomorrow, will take a critical look at online video as a persuasive sales medium for e-commerce.  It will help online marketers, merchandisers, and product managers understand video commerce applications in the context of overall site and marketing objectives:

PART 1.  Boost Conversion Rates.

PART 2.  Increase SEO.

PART 3.  Build Community and Loyalty.

PART 4.  Acquire New Customers.

PART 5.  Extend the Brand.

PART 6.  Raise Top Line Revenue.

The goal here is to help marketers reach their e-commerce goals using concrete tips & tricks, with actual video commerce examples.  We’ll share ideas and strategies with online marketers, product managers, and merchandisers who are interested in video commerce applications, but don’t know exactly where to get started.

I hope you enjoy the series.  And, as always, if you have knowledge to contribute or different experiences than the ones I’ve outlined, please comment on the blog, or, better yet, join the private members-only video commerce consortium where you can share your ideas and best practices with the most influential group of video commerce professionals around.  Also, if you have examples from your own company you’d like me to blog about, shoot me an email at justin [a t] video – commerce [d o t] org.  Video commerce is still relatively new, and while I’ve now spoken with scores of online retailers now about their experiences with video, by no stretch have I even scratched the surface of video commerce innovation.  Enjoy!