Liveclicker Launches MobileStudio App to Help E-Commerce Sites Scale Product Video Production

homescreenMobileStudio is the only solution to seamlessly marry mobile devices with demanding retailer requirements for quality product videos, speed of editing, and rapid video deployment.

Liveclicker, Inc., the leading provider of video commerce solutions for the web’s top brands, today announced the general release and availability of MobileStudio, a solution that enables rapid production, editing, and publishing of e-commerce product videos directly from iOS devices.

The new MobileStudio App is able to:

  • Assemble simple, high-quality product videos in minutes with easy-to-use templates
  • Quickly add transitions, music, and bumpers
  • Publish and distribute content instantly through the Liveclicker Video Commerce Solution

“MobileStudio is designed to help retailers quickly expand libraries of short, straightforward product videos,” said Justin Foster, Co-Founder and VP Market Development at Liveclicker. “Across the online retail spectrum, Liveclicker has discovered that with few exceptions these types of videos are the ones that move the revenue needle most for e-commerce businesses.”

According to Liveclicker research comparing shorter videos (<90 seconds) to longer videos across twelve retail industry verticals and 22,000+ product videos where revenue data was available, shoppers who watched short, simple product videos exhibited the following behaviors:

  •  Converted into buyers 24.7% more often
  • Generated 14.1% more dollars for each video play
  • Purchased an item 15.1% more quickly after watching

“Product videos comprise over 90% of the average e-commerce site’s overall video library,” said Foster. “With MobileStudio, e-commerce businesses can now massively scale product video libraries right from the convenience of a mobile app that’s purpose-built to create the videos that impact the business the most.”

MobileStudio is the latest Liveclicker innovation to join the company’s growing roster of leading e-commerce video features. At no additional cost, Liveclicker clients can take immediate advantage of MobileStudio while leveraging advanced video commerce analytics, video SEO capabilities, and automated site deployment of the Liveclicker Video Commerce Solution.

“The industry has been waiting for a video production solution that combines the ease-of-use offered by automated systems while retaining the quality and integrity of footage that only can be captured with a real person on-camera,” said Foster. “MobileStudio is that solution.”

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