Liveclicker Releases Study to Help Retailers Accelerate Video Programs

teps_to_Viedo_Commerce“5 Steps to Video Commerce Success” aggregates data from top retail sites to illuminate a path toward sustained improvements in e-commerce video performance.

Liveclicker, Inc., the leading provider of video commerce solutions for the web’s top brands, today announced the release of a white paper entitled, “5 Steps To Video Commerce Success,” a guide for retailers to drive higher ROI from video programs.

Results experienced by retailers following the white paper’s methodology:

  •     77% increase in online video viewing over the last 12 months
  •     400% improvement in site conversions for video viewers
  •     13% increase in purchases from the most video-engaged shoppers

“Consumers are coming to expect video as part of the customer experience,” said Eric Irwin, Content Manager at Eastern Mountain Sports. “If you don’t have the right video marketing strategy, you’re at a huge disadvantage. That’s why we felt it was important to contribute to this white paper – to help the broader retail industry understand what has powered our own success.”

Rob Cassidy, President and COO, also contributed to the study. In the white paper, he details how the bag retailer used advanced analytics to improve videos’ impact on conversion, site traffic, SEO, and overall engagement.

“Proper use of video analytics is a key component of the ‘5 Steps’ method,” he said. “At eBags, we use the Liveclicker Report Builder to glean macro-level assessments of the quality and performance of our content library to better understand which videos perform well, and why.”

“Retailers already understand that video can meaningfully move the needle on the site metrics that matter most,” said Justin Foster, VP Market Development at Liveclicker.

“What’s proven difficult to date is to use a repeatable, sustainable method to serve as a model template for ongoing success. By following the ‘5 Steps’ process, CMOs, site merchandisers, and video program managers now have a tool that can amplify the overall impact of video in both the short and long term.”

Download the full white paper >>