New product video ROI calculator

I wanted to share with our readers a phenomenal resource created by VCC member Wes Pomeroy of RIVR Media Interactive – a product video ROI calculator:

Product Video ROI Calculator

Product Video ROI Calculator

Using this calculator, users plug in variables that impact on-site video merchandising ROI on a product-by-product level, such as conversion rate, pageviews for the product, gross margin for the product, and expected lift (%) for adding video to the product detail page. The calculator then will give you important data including:

– Video revenue lift
– New profit
– Months to breakeven for the product based on cost
– Number of units you’ll need to move until you break even

It even outputs some pretty cool graphs that you could capture for screenshots used in internal presentations (IE does not support graphs currently but the other major browsers like Firefox and Chrome do).

This is a powerful, extremely practical, and easy-to-use tool. If you get a moment, please reply to this post to thank Wes.  Lest you think this is just vendorese stuff, Wes was previously Director of Site Operations for Jewelry Television and He absolutely knows his stuff when it comes to product video and I’d recommend him as a good connection in the space.

As always…

Happy Selling!