Online Video for the Non-MTV Generation

Many marketers in the online video world mistakenly assume that video is only effective when selling to Millennials.  Today, I had an opportunity to share how to use video successfully when marketing to boomers and older Americans along with Dan Ackerman Greenberg, Founder of 750 Industries, a San-Francisco based technology company focused on video and social marketing.

BJ Fogg, Director of Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab and author of Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do, invited us to share our thoughts on online video with AARP’s Social Impact Team during a day-long session he hosted in Washington, D.C.  Dan focused on using video with social networks, and I focused on how to strategically apply video across channels according to a Lifecycle Marketing Methodology.

Dan and I beamed into the event virtually using Tokbox. Although there were a couple of technical glitches, overall it was a fun experience and highlighted the power of video as a collaboration tool.  My slides from the event are posted below thanks to SlideShare.  There are some stats in there including some from a couple of relatively new studies highlighting online video’s appeal across demographics.  I hope you enjoy it.  Last – many thanks to BJ for the invitation to participate at this event.  He is doing some cutting edge research at Stanford on using video as a persuasive tool and I’m looking forward to seeing what great ideas and academic frameworks he comes up with next to help us all persuade more effectively!