Phase 2 – Exploring Different Types of Video Content

Now that you know how to best publish and analyze product videos from last week’s blog post, it’s time to explore phase 2 of the “Evolution of a Video Program” webinar: experimenting with different types of video content.

Phase 2 -- Exploring Different Types of Video Content

To supplement your video program, you must test and experiment with different types of video content. This can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin. To help, Kenna Hilburn, Liveclicker’s Senior Video Strategist, compiled the list of questions below to consider for your brand.

Do we have products that would benefit from how-to explanations?

As an apparel company, customers would benefit from a “How to take your measurements to ensure you order the right size” video. If you sell electronics, create a video that explains “How to choose a laptop.” If you specialize in shoes, consider creating a video that walks the customer through how to choose the right athletic shoe for their exercise of choice. With how-to videos, think about the experience a sales associate can provide a customer in a store and try to replicate that experience for your online shopper. provides a great example of this in their “How to Fit Women’s Boots” video below.

Would the customer benefit from seeing 360 degree views of the product and not just static images?

One of the benefits of shopping in a store as opposed to online is your ability to touch a product, pick it up and try it on. 360 degree videos portray the product in a way that static images cannot, as you can see in this example below from Woman Within.


What are the frequently asked questions that customers pose that you can address in a video?

eBags created a video to walk their customers through the return process. This type of video is a great opportunity to enhance your customer service reach by building assurance and credibility with your shopper. This particular eBags video is one of the top converters in their whole program, so it is clearly satisfying a need.

What are the barriers at the top of the purchase funnel that are preventing customers from converting? created this innovative experience that guides their customer through the steps of choosing the best window covering. It starts with an introductory video and then displays hotspots that link to the top considerations to take in mind when shopping for a window covering like light control, privacy and energy efficiency. Each hotspot links to a specific video about that topic and then walks you through the appropriate products. This experience is a terrific launch pad for someone who is shopping for window coverings for the first time and it is performing very well for them.

Do you have a strong review community that you can leverage for video?

User video reviews are a great way to leverage free content for your site. User video reviews also introduce a new point of view to your site, which can strike a different cord with your customer to help promote a sale. User video reviews are particularly effective in the health and beauty realm. When it comes to things like skincare or supplements, users like to hear from their peers about their experience with a product. That feedback can hold more credibility with your customer than your product description on the site.  Online retailer,, displays this perfect example of product video reviews on the site.

Are there elements to your brand that would be better expressed through video rather than images and text?

GNC is currently running a campaign called “Beat Average,” and they’ve created a video portraying all of the mediocre choices someone can make during their day. For example, you go for a run, see a single drop of rain and then choose to call it quits. Another example, you blame the camera for that “extra 10 pounds” instead of taking responsibility yourself. GNC is challenging their customers to “beat average” by utilizing their products to excel in life. They are using this clever video below as the medium to deliver that message.

To keep your program on track, start with 1- 2 additional video types based on the answers from above that you feel are most important for your company. Place this content alongside your product videos on your product pages to give your customers additional resources as they shop your site.

Additionally, research shows that users who watch 2 or more videos before making a purchase spend on average more money than the users who watched only one. Specifically, customers who watch 2-4 videos before purchase spend 11.2% more money than customers who only watched one.  Customers who watch over 5 videos before making a purchase spend on average 16.4% more than customers who watched 2-4 videos.

With those kind of stats, why would you not want to complement your product feature videos with additional content?

To learn more about all 5 phases of the “Evolution of a Video Program” webinar, watch the entire presentation here. Also, stay tuned  for my upcoming blog post on phase 3 — adding new video placements.