Product Video Production Tips for Retail and E-Commerce

If you are an e-commerce business or retailer, it’s a no-brainer to be doing videos of the products you want consumers to buy.  Many businesses today recognize that product videos are a great way to get online visibility in search engines and social media, as well as engage with consumers on a level that static photos and text can’t.

Product videos are also big with the younger generation, the GenY’s or Millenials. The folks over at shared with me their research confirming that the 16-34 age group are even more interested in product video than other age groups.

However the big challenge facing a lot of e-commerce businesses is, how do I produce quality web video? Since the foundation for a compelling product video is engaging the audience, your videos firstly need to be of an acceptable technical quality. How many times have you been exposed to a video of a product where the audio was lousy, or the lighting was terrible, or it looked grainy? Without giving strong consideration to your technical quality and pre-production planning, you could end up wasting an entire shoot and making your business look bad at the same time.

Retail video production tips:

Here are some quick tips from my own personal experience on how to prepare for web video production.

  1. Look at videos of other popular e-commerce sites. and are excellent examples of how to shoot product videos.  You could even contact the company and ask what equipment they’re using, or if they ever use 3rd party vendors.
  2. Work with people who know how to shoot for the web. I’ve dealt with video producers who just presume their television background will translate to the web. It’s not the same! They should also know how to do post-production and export to the web, and that includes knowing how to export in both HTML5 and Flash. Find out what equipment they use for both hardware and software.
  3. Have an online workspace to review videos. This saves me a great deal of time. Having a shared workspace allows the video production team, clients, and fellow stakeholders to review the work quickly and share comments, for quicker edits.

Want more help?

If you’d like to learn more about how to create quality product videos, check out Liveclicker’s upcoming webinar on Thursday, Feb 9:

Retail Video Production A to Z

Here are some of the retail video production challenges they will address:

  • Choosing a video format that will scale well
  • Importance of a solid pre-production process
  • Considerations for in-house production vs. outsourcing
  • Who should be on camera? Staff person or outsourced talent?
  • What skills and equipment are needed to produce video in-house
  • Computer requirements for video editing