Successful QR Code Video Promotions in Mobile Commerce

After our last article on QR Codes in Video Commerce, some of our audience was inspired to share their own examples. Below are some great success stories on using QR Codes in Video Marketing, along with some of my own thoughts on what the extended possibilities of using QR codes as both a user and an entrepreneur could be.

All of these examples have been submitted to me by Video Commerce Consortium fan, Dan Verhaeghe. Thanks, Dan!

Example #1: Mobio Partnered With GlobalTV Vancouver

Last December, Global TV launched a contest with Mobio, an app that scans QR barcodes. From December 6th-18th, at the end of every News hour Final on Global BC, a barcode would appear on the screen; and scanning it with Mobio entered viewers into a contest for a 50” TV, Home Theatre System from Future Shop, and Shaw HD Package.

Want to learn more about how it works? Watch this Mobio App video demo below, and check out the Mobio promo video.


Example #2: Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium Jumbotron with Dick’s Sporting Goods

As originally reported on the BRANDing blog, Dick’s Sporting Goods’ did the first-ever QR code marketing campaign to take place on a stadium jumbotron.  The campaign directed fans with QR code-enabled smartphones to the company’s mobile site at for an exclusive offer of $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.

“An announcer instructed fans to take pictures of the QR code shown on the jumbotrons, which total to 25,000 square feet of video billboards. Fans with QR code readers, upon doing so, were connected to the site where they received the exclusive offer. Fans without a reader were still eligible to redeem the discount by entering “” in their mobile phone’s browser or by taking a photo of the jumbotron and emailing it to”


Example #3: Electronic Arts’ Billboards and Movie Posters

Electronic Arts, the producer of video games, is featuring QR codes on billboard ads to promote its game, “Medal of Honor.” The company also is featuring QR codes in display advertising outside of movie theaters, so you can access movie trailers before going in to see the movie.

Possibilities with QR Codes in Video Marketing and Commerce

I definitely see people with smart phones using their QR code readers to have a more interactive experience than those calling in or text messaging to television shows.  This could be of great assistance to some business and marketing campaigns. Here are a few examples:

  • Want to order a product? Food, clothes, household utensils, accessories, whatever? Any commercial or sponsorship in a TV show could have a QR code featured during the full run of the commercial, or in a portion of the original show. Scanning it could take you to a page showing you the closest store locations for buying the product, or where to shop online for that product.
  • Want to donate to a cause? Organizations which get TV time (both in news interviews and in their own commercials) could have their QR code run throughout, and scanning the code could take people to either an app or a web page for making donations.
  • Interested in voting on a reality show? Just scan the QR code at the end of the show for the contest of your choice. (You could even partner with a company so that using their product or service while doing a QR code scan makes your vote count extra, or be eligible for special prizes with voting.)
  • Want to participate in a poll on a news show? Scan which position you support.
  • Want people to follow up with you at an event? Wear your own custom QR code badge at any event where you’re around people. Put a call to action on the badge that says something like, “Watch my video to view special offer” while having an arrow pointing to it.

What are YOUR examples of QR Codes in Video Commerce?

Have something you’ve created or seen that you’d like to share, be it a success or failure? Send your examples with your comments to grant [at]