Retailers Succeed with Short and Simple Product Videos

2013-05-22_08-43-30On average, 90% of Liveclicker clients’ video libraries consist of product videos. These videos reside on the product page and exist for the sole purpose of giving shoppers the information they need to make a purchase. This is for good reason since it’s been proven time and time again that having video on your site, particularly on your product pages, will increase conversions.

In a recent case study, specialty retailer Brookstone decided to invest more heavily in e-commerce video because they found that the products that featured videos on its site converted, on average, 53% higher than products that did not feature video.  This trend is not going away. Consumers are craving video, and the question is not whether or not to give it to them. The question is, “What types of videos convert the best?”

Liveclicker recently conducted further research into which types of videos were converting the best for its client base. Among the findings, the research included analysis focused on how the length of videos impacted performance.  When comparing shorter videos (under 90 seconds) to longer videos (over 90 seconds) across twelve retail industry verticals and 22,000+ product videos, Liveclicker found that not only did buyers convert more often when watching shorter videos, but they also generated more dollars per play and purchased an item more quickly.

  • Converted into buyers 24.7% more often
  • Generated 14.1% more dollars for each video play
  • Purchased an item 15.1% more quickly after watching

One leading bag retailer, eBags, saw even more dramatic results: shorter product videos generated a 37.3% increase in conversion rate and 21.5% increase in dollars per play compared to longer videos.  Short and simple videos like its “one minute rundown” videos are moving the needle for this retailer.


Looking at the data, it’s clear that for most retail verticals short and simple videos are better for the majority of products (the research did find this was not the case for more complicated products like some electronics where more detail is needed).  The research does not indicate there isn’t a place in the video mix for highly produced longer form branded content or “how-to” types of videos, nor does it state that longer product videos can’t work, especially in verticals like consumer electronics. However, the research does indicate that for the vast majority majority of retailers, short and simple videos generate the best ROI.

homescreenSo what is the next step?…Find a way to scale these types of videos for your business.  Liveclicker has created a brand-new product called MobileStudio, a video production iOS app tailor-made to allow retailers to capture, edit, and publish professional quality e-commerce product videos quickly and easily from a iPad or iPhone. The quality is amazing considering the optics of the device, and Liveclicker provides tools and tricks to increase the quality to the level of professionalism demanded by leading retailers. Best of all, MobileStudio is free for all Liveclicker clients. If you are interested in learning more, you can contact Liveclicker for a demo.