Share-worthy E-commerce Video

share-buttonWe’ve all done it. Whether its the latest internet meme, the extraordinary play in last night’s game or a compilation of funny cats, mischievous cats, cats that bark like dogs, or cats gone wild -- chances are you’ve been moved to share an online video at least once in your life (if not once so far today).

Online video sharing is the 21st century’s gossip mill or watercooler if you will -- once one stumbles across a compelling video, whether it be heartbreaking, side splitting or just downright useful -- we can’t wait to share it with the masses. Sometimes in casual conversation (“Hey did you see that bad lip reading video? You haven’t?!!” [pulls out phone and loads YouTube]) but most often by a simple copy + paste onto our Facebook/Twitter page.

With over 1 billion unique users visiting Youtube each month (source) its no wonder that a video can go viral overnight. We love to watch and SHARE compelling content with the world around us and hundreds of hours of content is uploaded to the internet every minute. Which poses the question:

As an online retailer, how do you cut through all the noise and get your videos seen and shared?

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind for your next video content strategy meeting:

Tip 1 -- Drop your “cool card” at the door

For anyone that has ever attempted to ‘create a viral video’ you’ve probably learned -- you don’t just make a viral video (unless your first name is Jimmy and your last name is either Fallon or Kimmel). Viral videos make themselves because they are most often impromptu and not contrived by a marketing team. Leave the adorable and hilarious shenanigans to those not looking to sell something to the world because the online world is very savvy and can sniff out a marketing ploy from clicks away.

Tip 2 -- Provide Useful Information

The good news is that you don’t have to think up the next big internet meme (phew!). The even better news is that as an online retailer, you have a specific expertise and your consumer is seeking an education. Out of the top 10 most shared videos from 2013 by retailers using Liveclicker, 7 of them are educational or how-to in nature. Showing that the online shopper is looking to gather information and if they find that information helpful they will share it with their network. It’s a win-win for the retailer boosting their credibility within the vertical and expanding customer reach.

Tip 3 -- Avoid the Hard Sell

Infomercials already have their place in this world and that is between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 AM on the television set. To sell product online through video requires a more subtle finesse -- like the sharing of useful information rather than the “and wait there’s MORE” technique as often used in infomercials. Take this “Dress Fit Guide” by Romans for example:

For an online shopper it is incredibly useful to know how to take proper measurements to order the right size apparel. This type of video assists the shopper in their purchase process and likely reduces the number of returns because the buyer is equipped to make a more educated purchase.

Here are other most shared Liveclicker videos from 2013 and a  few thoughts on why they are so successful:

Our eBags packing cubes are the best-selling product out of 57,000 on The 3 piece packing cube set has over 13,000 customer reviews on and 98% of customers would recommend it to a friend, and yet, most travelers are not familiar with the benefits of packing cubes. And although the five photos on our product detail page provide a two dimensional view of the product, photos merely leave the viewer having to fill in the blanks for how to get the most out of a product like eBags packing cubes. Our three minute video, hosted by our designer and with almost a half million plays, details all of the ways that packing cubes can make a trip more enjoyable, a message difficult to convey via photos or copy. After viewing the video, our “packing cube evangelists” want to spread the word about this wonderful product they just discovered. That is the beauty of the Internet (and video).  -- Peter Cobb, Co-Founder,

This potty training video from Petco does a good job of imparting training tips but also subtly highlighting products as a guide to what you need to train your pet. Making this video very valuable and thus sharable in the pet community.

Finally, a compelling product debut from Under Armour:

The purpose of the piece was to help debut and inform athletes on Under Armour’s first-ever digital product, Armour39™, which measures an athlete’s output in training, including our proprietary WILLpower measurement. With Armour39™, athletes get a sense of objectivity around their workout, so that they never cheat themselves again.

The video features UA athletes Georges St. Pierre and Natalie Uhling putting the product through its paces in an intense, authentic workout. The energy and the hard work these athletes were putting out really shines through, which I think adds to the viral nature of the film…like ‘can you believe those heavy-bag situps?’ I think athletes see the piece as a very authentic and powerful use case for the Armour39 product.  -- Nathan Shriver, Under Armour Creative Director

Now that you’ve seen our examples, which online retailers do you think are doing a good job of creating compelling sharable video content? Please share away!