Social Video Commerce Strategies for Pinterest

Pinterest is by far the fastest growing social sharing site today.  With the increasing popularity of Pinterest, online retailers and brands are provided with another valuable social video distribution channel.  In this article, I will explore how to use Pinterest’s video features to increase search engine visibility and consumer interest in your online store and brand.

Pinterest in a nutshell

For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is an invitation-only website where people create virtual pinboards of images from anywhere on the Web. It has some similarities to Facebook, but it is much more focused on visual imagery. Basically, you can create a “pin” for any individual item including videos, and organize them into boards on your profile.

7 good reasons why e-commerce and retail brands should promote their videos on Pinterest

  1. Rapid audience growth: ComScore stats for February showed that Pinterest had 17.8 million unique visitors for the month which was an increase in over 50 percent from the previous month. Pinterest is also reported to have over 200,000 online publishers, including major retailers and e-commerce brands such as Target, Gap, and The Vitamin Shoppe.
  2. Increased Video SEO: Pinterest URLs show up in over 46 million Google search results, including over 1,170 indexed video URLs. Each pin, board, and user profile receives an unique URL. You can create a pin for every single video you already host online.  This will create new public URLs for each new video pin, and board you organize them in. Google will index the titles and descriptions for your individual pins as key metadata for its own search results.
  3. Video-friendly directory: Pinterest has its own category tab just for pinned videos at, making it very easy for audiences to share, “re-pin,” “like,” and comment on your videos.
  4. Consumer interest: An increasingly large community of retail consumers are using Pinterest to look for ideas on what they want to purchase, especially in the home goods and fashion categories.
  5. Sharing: You can easily pin and share videos from your blog, other social media sites, or from any hosted URL (so you can take people back to your website or any preferred landing page you would like to drive traffic to).
  6. Pricing: You can put price tags on your pins, which will show up in the image thumbnail of the video you select.
  7. Simplicity: it takes just a few hours to create your own Pinterest page, and it easily allows for improvements and updates as you go.

Video commerce marketing tips for Pinterest

  • Create your own “Videos” pin board.
  • Create separate pin boards for product categories you want to target consumers with. You can also create separate boards for video types, such as “how to’s,” “lifestyle,” or “reviews,” rather than just product videos.
  • Fill out the full 500 character-length pin description whenever possible. Always include your brand name, product name, and targeted keywords. Pin titles and descriptions are indexed by Google and other search engines. Pay close attention to how they are truncated in the displayed search results.
  • If you want more control over the image thumbnails featured in your “pins,” consider having each URL link to a video commerce platform site.  It will give you more control over the thumbnail images than YouTube.
  • Make your videos focused on the topic, not the medium. This is not only important for SEO purposes, but also because  the community culture of Pinterest makes topical video pins more likely to be shared.