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The Top 5 Video Reports Every E-commerce Marketer Needs This Holiday Season

For most e-commerce retailers, the holiday season generates more traffic and conversions than any other time of the year.  Now that the holiday shopping frenzy is in full swing, tracking and optimizing your video program is more important than ever.  … Read On »

Defining your e-commerce video strategy with Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards, Video Aptitude I recently had the opportunity to interview Kevin Edwards, Co-Founder of Video Aptitude based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. With video becoming an increasingly important component of product marketing and merchandising, we got together to talk about video strategy and considerations for online retailers just getting into video.… Read On »

Creating E-Commerce Videos That Sell

The Video Commerce Consortium has just released a new whitepaper, “Creating E-Commerce Videos That Sell,” downloadable here. Included in the whitepaper: – Conceptual Framework for Creating Videos that Sell – Understanding Motivation, Simplicity, and Triggers – Producing E-Commerce Videos that Get Results – Conceptual Storyboarding Approaches – Benefits and Drawbacks of Various Video Production Methods in E-Commerce – Product Video ROI Calculator – Selecting the Right Video Production Equipment – Filming and Post-Production for E-Commerce Video – Common Video Production Questions Asked and Answered – Placing Videos on Product Detail Pages for Maximum Results – Product Detail Page Implementation Results – Results (10 examples – some are recycled from earlier papers) Let me know what you think as usual.… Read On »

Strategies to lower the cost of producing video for e-commerce: new ideas, tips & tricks for sourcing video commerce content

Hi everyone, Just finished recording episode 2 of VCC TV last night.  I developed this in response to the VCC members only forum poll we ran in January where VCC members indicated unproven ROI, high cost of production, and lack of perceived value were among the top challenges facing video commerce in e-commerce organizations. … Read On »

VCC releases new video commerce whitepaper

Today, the VCC released a new whitepaper highlighting the use of eCommerce video.  The whitepaper focuses on explaining the three disruptive forces behind the proliferation of online video and shares techniques e-commerce, branding, and technology professionals can use to exploit the disruptive forces in e-commerce. … Read On »

E-commerce video production tips: produce video without breaking the bank

I saw this video interview on videoretailer.org tonight and thought it would be useful for readers of the VCC blog.  The interview not only brings to light some great tips and pointers re: video production in an e-commerce environment, but a recurring theme many online retailers are facing in this economy: the challenge of doing more with less.… Read On »

Turn the video commerce supplier video distribution model upside-down

We are going to interrupt the series on online video metrics with a single post.  Over the last couple days, I’ve focused intensely on analyzing the supplier/manufacturer video content market and have a new perspective on this important video commerce topic.  … Read On »

Review of “Online Video: The New Merchandising”

I was surfing around tonight when I discovered an Akamai whitepaper released this September called “Online Video: The New Merchandising.” (there’s a link to download the whitepaper at the end of this post).… Read On »