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YouTube tops 100MM viewers in January. So what?

This morning I read a MarketingVOX article highlighting how YouTube just surpassed 100MM viewers in January.  That’s great news for video commerce, right?  It’s all fine and good that YouTube has such a vast audience, but the more pertinent question for video commerce professionals is: should you care, and if so, why?… Read On »

Build efficiency into your e-commerce video production process

By John Weaver, FansEdge.com Creating video content is a time consuming process, and time is money.  I imagine that when the idea was first floated at your company, someone asked about the ROI of incorporating video into your strategy. … Read On »

Strategies to lower the cost of producing video for e-commerce: new ideas, tips & tricks for sourcing video commerce content

Hi everyone, Just finished recording episode 2 of VCC TV last night.  I developed this in response to the VCC members only forum poll we ran in January where VCC members indicated unproven ROI, high cost of production, and lack of perceived value were among the top challenges facing video commerce in e-commerce organizations. … Read On »

VCC releases new video commerce whitepaper

Today, the VCC released a new whitepaper highlighting the use of eCommerce video.  The whitepaper focuses on explaining the three disruptive forces behind the proliferation of online video and shares techniques e-commerce, branding, and technology professionals can use to exploit the disruptive forces in e-commerce. … Read On »

eMarketer releases groundbreaking report on video commerce

Jeffrey Grau, Sr. Analyst at eMarketer, published a groundbreaking report on the state of video in e-commerce yesterday.  In the press release for the report, we learn about an explosive growth of e-commerce video viewership relative to traffic changes year-over-year.  … Read On »