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ROI of Video Commerce Platforms, Part I

This is not another article about the ROI of online video in e-commerce.  Thank Goodness.  There are plenty of articles on that topic already.  The ROI of video in e-commerce has now been proven by so many companies and in so many case studies that I’m starting to find it a bit of a “snoozer” topic.  … Read On »

VCC memories from eTail 2009

I’m in the process now of uploading Dave Witzig’s video commerce presentation to Viddler and will share that as soon as it’s live.  I wanted to share with the VCC and broader video commerce community some of the events from the just concluded eTail 2009 show in Scottsdale, AZ.… Read On »

Welcome to the Video Commerce Consortium Blog

All, welcome to the video commerce consortium blog.  I’m Justin Foster, founder of the VCC and let me first say how excited I am that we now have a group of e-commerce professionals, online marketers, and technologists that are coming together here to learn about and advance the use of video in e-commerce.… Read On »