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The Top 5 Video Reports Every E-commerce Marketer Needs This Holiday Season

For most e-commerce retailers, the holiday season generates more traffic and conversions than any other time of the year.  Now that the holiday shopping frenzy is in full swing, tracking and optimizing your video program is more important than ever.  … Read On »

9 YouTube video SEO Tips and tricks for better ranking

As a follow-up to last week’s post on video SEO, this week we take a deep dive into how to optimize your videos for YouTube. It goes without saying that every e-commerce site should be on YouTube.… Read On »

How to make $645K from video commerce tech in 24 mos by launching 2 videos a month

That title’s a lot more catchy than, ‘ROI of Video Commerce Platforms, Part 3,’ isn’t it?  Thought so! It has been over a month since Part 2 in the ‘ROI of Video Commerce Platforms’ series, so my apologies up front for the wait.  … Read On »

Counterpoint: The value of interactive video shopping

Yesterday, Jamie Beckland wrote a post highlighting why e-commerce merchants need to think twice about interactive video shopping.  To me, the central point of the article was summed up with this statement: “Most e-commerce marketers have bigger fish to fry than getting someone to convert from a banner.” (I added the word “video” to the quote).… Read On »