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Defining your e-commerce video strategy with Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards, Video Aptitude I recently had the opportunity to interview Kevin Edwards, Co-Founder of Video Aptitude based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. With video becoming an increasingly important component of product marketing and merchandising, we got together to talk about video strategy and considerations for online retailers just getting into video.… Read On »

Engaging Shoppers with Interactive Video – 10 Examples Shared

Interactive video holds a lot of promise for video commerce.  Whether it’s text overlays in YouTube promoted videos, hotspots and “clickable video,” in-video shopping,  integrated product thumbnails, descriptions, ratings, reviews, sharing, and beyond, the potential for interactive video in e-commerce is almost limitless.… Read On »

VCC Radio Interview: Alan Talanoa from GolfDiscount.com

Last Friday, Alan Talanoa, Director of Web Operations for GolfDiscount.com sat down with us for the second interview in the ongoing VCC Radio Interview series.  Among the topics we discussed: – The role of the product page in the company’s video commerce strategy – The blend of manufacturer v.… Read On »