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Defining your e-commerce video strategy with Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards, Video Aptitude I recently had the opportunity to interview Kevin Edwards, Co-Founder of Video Aptitude based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. With video becoming an increasingly important component of product marketing and merchandising, we got together to talk about video strategy and considerations for online retailers just getting into video.… Read On »

Build efficiency into your e-commerce video production process

By John Weaver, FansEdge.com Creating video content is a time consuming process, and time is money.  I imagine that when the idea was first floated at your company, someone asked about the ROI of incorporating video into your strategy. … Read On »

E-commerce video production tips: produce video without breaking the bank

I saw this video interview on videoretailer.org tonight and thought it would be useful for readers of the VCC blog.  The interview not only brings to light some great tips and pointers re: video production in an e-commerce environment, but a recurring theme many online retailers are facing in this economy: the challenge of doing more with less.… Read On »