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Are video .GIFs used in email marketing campaigns really video?

Last week, I co-presented a webinar on the State of Video Email Marketing in 2009 for my non-VCC gig with Liveclicker (see embed below).  Here’s the webinar in its entirety, in case you’d like to pull any charts/stats/graphs/takeaways: We spent a large portion of the time in the webinar discussing video .GIFs.… Read On »

VCC memories from eTail 2009

I’m in the process now of uploading Dave Witzig’s video commerce presentation to Viddler and will share that as soon as it’s live.  I wanted to share with the VCC and broader video commerce community some of the events from the just concluded eTail 2009 show in Scottsdale, AZ.… Read On »

Strategies to lower the cost of producing video for e-commerce: new ideas, tips & tricks for sourcing video commerce content

Hi everyone, Just finished recording episode 2 of VCC TV last night.  I developed this in response to the VCC members only forum poll we ran in January where VCC members indicated unproven ROI, high cost of production, and lack of perceived value were among the top challenges facing video commerce in e-commerce organizations. … Read On »

New Whitepaper: Building an Effective Video Commerce Strategy

After interviewing over fifty e-commerce retailers from the Internet Retailer Top 500 List about the current state of their video commerce programs, it became clear to me that online marketers, merchandisers, affiliate managers, product managers, technologists, and executives are all intensely interested in learning more about video commerce.   … Read On »

Welcome to the Video Commerce Consortium Blog

All, welcome to the video commerce consortium blog.  I’m Justin Foster, founder of the VCC and let me first say how excited I am that we now have a group of e-commerce professionals, online marketers, and technologists that are coming together here to learn about and advance the use of video in e-commerce.… Read On »