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Liveclicker helps Blinds.com measure performance with video analytics

At this year’s 2013 Video Commerce Summit, Liveclicker gathered some testimonial feedback from clients to discover just exactly what Liveclicker does for their video program. Top e-commerce retailers, such as Blinds.com, Eastern Mountain Sports, and Onlineshoes.com, offered their opinion of Liveclicker and our multi-faceted video commerce solution.… Read On »

Creating Value with Social Video

Retailers are in a constant battle for the attention of their consumers and continue to search for new ways to connect with them.  Now, more than ever, e-commerce retailers are taking advantage of social media outlets to ensure their brand message is being heard. … Read On »

How to Use Video to Show, Not Tell, Your Brand Story

Product videos are vital to e-commerce sites, but they don’t always lead to increased search traffic or social media engagement. To maximize exposure and buzz, marketers need to explore other types of video formats that are better suited to that task.… Read On »

Video Commerce: The Quiet Revolution in Online Video (StreamingMedia West)

Enjoy… FULL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Justin Foster: Welcome everybody, thank you for joining us at Video Commerce “The Quiet Revolution in Online Video”.  I see a couple of familiar faces out here in the audience, thanks for making some time for us here.  … Read On »