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2011 Video Email Marketing Guide

I confess.  There is no other topic in the online marketing world that both draws and repels me as much as “video email.” Prior to joining the online video universe in 2008 with Liveclicker, I spent seven years in the email marketing industry, espousing best practices while working to advance the channel.  … Read On »

Are video .GIFs used in email marketing campaigns really video?

Last week, I co-presented a webinar on the State of Video Email Marketing in 2009 for my non-VCC gig with Liveclicker (see embed below).  Here’s the webinar in its entirety, in case you’d like to pull any charts/stats/graphs/takeaways: We spent a large portion of the time in the webinar discussing video .GIFs.… Read On »

Video email boosts email marketing campaign clickthrough by as much as 2X – 3X

In a report finding that I didn’t find too surprising, David Daniels from Forrester Research unveiled a stat every email marketer will want to take note of: incorporating video into email marketing campaigns can increase clickthrough as much as 2X – 3X.… Read On »